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Trouble In Paradise: Remedies For Cruise Ship Injuries

Recently the headlines have been splashed with sensational stories about the disaster onboard the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia. But, what gets far less media attention, despite being infinitely more prevalent, are the smaller-scale accidents that occur every day on cruise ships around the world.

There are countless ways your safety can be put in jeopardy on a ship, and unlike on dry land, you are uniquely dependant on the expertise of crew members to provide for your wellbeing. As such, if you sustain an injury aboard a cruise vessel, cruise ship injury lawyers are often able to help you obtain monetary compensation under maritime law.

Common Threats to Your Health and Safety Onboard Cruise Ships

There are a variety of precautions you can take to help keep yourself safe during cruise ship travel. Yet, there is no way to take into account every possible threat, especially considering that many potential dangers on a cruise ship are completely beyond your control.

The most common hazards for passengers on cruise ships include:

  • Trips and falls due to slippery or steep surfaces
  • Sudden illness (for instance, food poisoning caused by improperly prepared meals)
  • Fire or other structural emergencies
  • An assault by a crew member or another passenger
  • A delay or failure by the ship's authorities in providing medical care
Maritime Law and Cruise Line Contracts may Impact your Injury Claim

Cruise lines have special responsibilities to their passengers under maritime law and often under passenger ticket contracts. The duties owed by the vessel are often different from and more complex than the duties owed in land based personal injury cases.

For example, remedies may be available under unique rules of law that apply only to vessels at sea, laws of the country from which the vessel hails, and laws of the country or state in the waters of which the injury occurs.

In addition to duties a vessel has under substantive law, a passenger may have additional rights under their ticket contract. One of the most common ways this affects passengers is that it limits the timeframe in which you may pursue a legal claim — thus you should never wait long after an injury occurs to seek advice from a qualified attorney.

If your dream vacation turned into a nightmare due to a cruise ship injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced maritime lawyer to learn more.