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North Star Fishing Company Maritime Injury Claims

North Star Fishing Company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company owns four trawl catcher-processor vessels that operate year-round in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and the Gulf of Alaska. Its fleet includes:

  • F/T Arica,
  • F/T Rebecca Irene,
  • F/T Unimak, and
  • F/T Cape Horn.

North Star Fishing Company focuses on harvesting Alaska flatfish in the Bering Sea, primarily yellowfin sole, rock sole, flathead sole, and associated catches of Pacific cod and Alaska pollock.

Working as a commercial fisherman on a North Star Fishing Company boat is a physically grueling job, and crew members are often exposed to dangerous conditions. It is not easy work, and every day seamen are at risk of injury. Fishermen injured working on North Star Fishing vessels must understand their unique legal rights, so they can get the compensation that they deserve. There are three primary avenues of recovery available to injured seamen under maritime law: 1) maintenance and cure, 2) the unseaworthiness doctrine, and 3) the Jones Act.

Almost every seaman will be entitled to maintenance and cure if they are injured while working on a North Star Fishing vessel. Maintenance includes compensation for daily living expenses, like food and rent, and cure includes payment for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses, like hospital bills and prescription costs. Injured seamen are entitled to maintenance and cure no matter who was at fault for the injury. Even if the crew member was entirely at fault for the injury, the employer is responsible for paying maintenance and cure. An injured seaman is entitled to maintenance and cure until they can return to work or no further medical treatment will help them recover.

Seamen who are injured because of an unseaworthy condition on a North Star Fishing vessel will be entitled to compensation under the doctrine of unseaworthiness. A boat is seaworthy if the vessel and its parts and equipment are reasonably fit for their intended use. Many different conditions can cause a vessel to be deemed unseaworthy, but some examples include inadequate railings, slippery decks, and an understaffed crew.

The Jones Act is a statutory remedy that allows injured seamen to sue their employer for negligence. An employer is negligent if they fail to use reasonable care to prevent injuries to their employees. To recover, the injured worker must prove that their employer or other crew members were negligent and that their negligence was the cause of the worker's injury. The Jones Act covers all injuries that occur on a vessel during the seaman's employment.

Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC is a nationally recognized leader in maritime personal injury law. Kraft Davies has significant experience representing injured seamen against North Star Fishing Company. We understand the fishing industry and know how to get you the compensation that you deserve. If you or a loved one were injured in a commercial fishing or shipping accident, contact the attorneys at Kraft Davies today at 206-624-8844 or through this website.