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Icicle Seafoods Claims

Jones Act Claims Against Icicle Seafoods Company

The maritime injury lawyers of Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC have represented injured fishermen, fish processors, and crew in claims against Icicle Seafoods Company and other fishing companies for decades. We have the experience and resources necessary to effectively prosecute your injury claim.

With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Icicle Seafoods, Inc. is one of the largest seafood processing companies in Alaska with a focus on processing salmon, pollock, crab, halibut, cod, sablefish, and herring in most major fisheries throughout Alaska. It operates both plants on-shore and floating processing barges that travel to locations in various parts of Alaska to process fish. Fish processors working on these barges work 16-hour shifts processing fish. Because these processing barges qualify as vessels under the Jones Act, employees and fish processors working on floating barges are entitled to benefits under general maritime law and the Jones Act. These processing barges include:


Along with its processing barges, Icicle Seafoods operates a number of support vessels, including tenders, crabbers, trawlers, and other support vessels.

Compensation Available in Icicle Seafoods Claims.

Under the Jones Act and general maritime law, fish processors and other workers injured working for Icicle Seafoods can collect damages for lost wages, loss of earning capacity, economic losses, pain, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and other damages depending on the particular circumstances of the case. If you have questions about the compensation you may collect for injuries while working for Icicle Seafoods, contact an experienced maritime injury lawyer today at 206.624.8844 for a free evaluation.

Our lawyers have successfully handled a variety of claims against Icicle Seafoods Company for injuries to processors on processing barges, including shoulder injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, and other serious injuries. While working on these processing barges and vessels, fish processors are subject to injury from falling pans of fish product, heavy lifting, getting their hands caught in processing equipment, falling on slippery decks, and other types of serious incidents. Because our lawyers have decades of experience representing injured seamen, fishermen, and processors in maritime injury claims, we know the fishing industry and how to prepare a case like few law firms in the country. Let us put our expertise to work for you and your family. If you or a family member was injured working for Icicle Seafoods Company, we can help.