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Deep Sea Fisheries Maritime Claims

Deep Sea Fisheries is a family-owned commercial fishing and processing company based in Everett, Washington. It is a leader in the industry with a fleet that currently includes six vessels operating in Alaska and Washington fisheries:

  • Alaska Mist (166-foot catcher and processor)
  • Pavlof (162-foot catcher and processor)
  • Tina B. (74-foot tender and packer)
  • Alaskan Enterprise (131-foot catcher and processor)
  • Linda B (69-foot tender and packer)
  • Rosy B. (61-foot tender and processor)

Working as a commercial fisherman on a Deep Sea Fisheries vessel comes with many risks. For example, in 2013, the Alaska Mist suffered a mechanical failure and was disabled in the Bering sea near Amak Island with 22 crewmen on board. During the rescue, a crew member of the Coast Guard Cutter Waesche suffered a traumatic brain injury and later died. Other common causes of injuries include harsh weather conditions, lack of safety gear, improper training, and equipment malfunction or failure.

If you were injured while working on a Deep Sea Fisheries vessel, you have legal rights. In place of traditional workers’ compensation, commercial fishermen are protected under both general maritime law and the Jones Act. This area of the law is complex, and it important to consult with a maritime attorney to understand your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Under general maritime law, seamen injured while working on a vessel are generally entitled to maintenance, cure, and unearned wages regardless of who was at fault for the injury. Maintenance refers to compensation for daily living expenses covering room and board, and cure refers to all reasonable and necessary medical expenses. These damages are available until no further medical treatment will improve your condition. You may also be entitled to additional damages under the unseaworthiness doctrine. A vessel is unseaworthy if the vessel, its equipment, or appurtenances are not reasonably fit for their intended use.

Under the Jones Act, injured seamen are entitled to additional damages if their injury was caused, at least in some part, by the negligence of their employer. Commercial fishermen deserve a safe working environment from their employers. Profits should never be put over the safety of the crew. Even the smallest act of negligence can lead to liability under the Jones Act. Examples of negligence include a failure to repair and maintain equipment, lack of safety procedures, lack of proper training, and a failure to follow industry safety customs. The damages available under the Jones Act are extensive. They include lost past and future wages, medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of future earning capacity, among others.

Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC is a nationally recognized leader in maritime personal injury law. Kraft Davies has significant experience representing injured seamen against Deep Sea Fisheries. We understand the fishing industry and know how to get you the compensation that you deserve. If you or a loved one were injured in a commercial fishing or shipping accident, contact the attorneys at Kraft Davies today at 206.624.8844 or through this website.