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Cruise Ship Tender Transfer Injuries

Cruise ShipOur Seattle-based cruise ship injury lawyers regularly handle claims involving injuries during tender transfers on cruise ships. Anytime a large a cruise ship cannot make it to port due to shallow waters or rough weather conditions, a tender boat takes passengers to shore and back. This is a small vessel that is boarded from the cruise ship via a plank, gangway ramp, or small dock. When passengers are not given adequate assistance in making this transfer, usually while stepping up/down from the tender or falling on the gangway ramp, the cruise line can be held negligent for injuries sustained by the passenger. If you have questions about an injury that occurred while making a transfer to a tender on a cruise ship, contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer at 206.624.8844.

A cruise line has a duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent injuries to its passengers and crew. When a tender is used to access the shore, the cruise line needs to make a responsible decision about whether the sea conditions are too rough for a transfer into the tender and assign sufficient crew to assist passengers as they attempt to board. If a passenger is dropped by the crew during the boarding attempt or injured when the sea conditions are not safe for making the transfer, the cruise line has failed to exercise reasonable care and the passenger may assert a claim against the cruise line for injuries.

Important Deadlines to Protect Your Legal Rights.

Under the terms of the cruise contract, most cruise line companies, including Holland America Line, Seabourn Cruises, and Windstar Cruises, require that passengers provide notice of the injury within 6 months and file a lawsuit within one year of the injury. Holland America Line, Seabourn Cruise Lines, and Windstar Cruise Lines require passengers to file suit in Seattle, Washington in the Western District of Washington. Only a law firm in Seattle licensed to practice in the Western District of Washington may bring a claim for you within the one year period. Thefore, it is important that you promptly contact a cruise ship injury lawyer in Seattle following your injury to make certain that your legal rights are protected.

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers in Seattle

The attorneys at Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC, in Seattle, Washington, have thorough knowledge, skill and experience in cruise ship injury cases, including injuries transferring from a boat, vessel or cruise ship to tender. Our cruise ship injury attorneys will work hard to get you the full and fair compensation you deserve. Schedule a free initial consultation and tell us about your cruise ship to tender accident case.

Tender/Ramp Injuries Related to Cruise Ships

Serious injuries happen all too often when passengers are transported to tender. Many of these injuries are preventable, especially if cruise ships have properly identified risks and provided action to remedy them. Rough weather only creates a more dangerous environment to passengers as they board tender vessels. Not to mention the trek along the gangway ramps, leading to serious injuries.

Contact Us Immediately

If you were injured as a cruise ship passenger or crew member, do not give in to the cruise line's offer of a quick settlement. We can provide expert representation against all type of cruise ship injuries, including injuries transferring to tender. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a seasoned maritime lawyer, please contact us. You can also call 206.624.8844.